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Rupert's Tales and Tunes Performances

Depending on the time of year each event is held, you will encounter different story-time workshops and performances as we join Rupert the rabbit in his lessons throughout the Wheel of the Year.  Our furry friend meets God and Goddess in their springtime forms to teach him why Ostara is a very special time for new beginnings.  At Litha Rupert meets a color-changing fairy who warns him that cooler weather is just around the corner.  And Melvin the mouse teaches Rupert a thing or two about having enough at Mabon.  Yule brings a different kind of workshop where folks from the audience are asked to help us act out the story.  And we often share a tale of dragonflies and how they help Rupert to learn about reducing, reusing and recycling.  Become a Friend of Rupert by singing along with Kyrja about bubbles, birds and wriggly things!  Many surprises are in store for everyone who joins us, and each workshop is very interactive.  Be prepared to sing along!