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Rupert's Tales - A Book of Bedtime Stories

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Author: Kyrja. Illustrated by Tonia Bennington Osborn.


Hardback binding. 40 vivid, color illustrations in 64 pages. 9 1/8" x 8 1/8"


An enchanting collection of four rhyming bedtime stories, children will be encouraged to discover new ways of exploring and directing dreamtime that comes naturally from their minds and hearts. Meet the very tired and hungry Brody the bat who helps Rupert learn about going to sleep, and a colorful dragon that knows all about dreaming. Merissa the Mermaid and Flora the Frog are the perfect duo to talk about sending bad dreams away and the Guardian of Dreams is there to protect dreamers as they sleep. Inspiration for reluctant and eager sleepers alike can be found in this assortment of charming, creative tales. Stories come to life with 40 delightfully vibrant pastel illustrations that complement creative concepts, influencing the direction and content of children’s dreams—something sure to please the adventurous spirit of every child!

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