Rupert's Tales - A Book of Bedtime Stories


An enchanting collection of four rhyming bedtime stories, children will be encouraged to discover new ways of exploring and directing dreamtime that comes naturally from their minds and hearts. Meet the very tired and hungry Brody the bat who helps Rupert learn about going to sleep, and a colorful dragon that knows all about dreaming. Merissa the Mermaid and Flora the Frog are the perfect duo to talk about sending bad dreams away and the Guardian of Dreams is there to protect dreamers as they sleep. Inspiration for reluctant and eager sleepers alike can be found in this assortment of charming, creative tales. Stories come to life with 40 delightfully vibrant pastel illustrations that complement creative concepts, influencing the direction and content of children’s dreams—something sure to please the adventurous spirit of every child!

Rupert's Tales - The Wheel of the Year: Beltane, Litha, Lammas and Mabon

Rupert the rabbit learns about the Wheel of the Year when people leave their homes to celebrate seasonal holidays in the forest where he lives.  In our first story, Rupert learns about Beltane from a mysterious white owl who has a secret to share, while in the second tale, a color-changing fairy reminds him that the Summer Solstice marks the time when the sun’s power begins to fade, soon bringing cooler weather his way.

Our furry friend gets close to a very special crone at Lammas, earning him an unexpected treat while he learns about the first harvest of the season.   And poor Rupert misses Mabon altogether when he runs into his friend Melvin the mouse – or does he?

Rupert’s Tales is a groundbreaking effort to collect, commemorate and illuminate traditional, sacred Pagan practices and beliefs in a fresh, contemporary, and whimsical style, and is an excellent starting point for young children being raised within the loose structure of the various traditions.   You don't have to be Pagan to be enchanted by Rupert and the magick found in his tales.

Come join Rupert on his adventures as he meets new friends and old,  discovering how and why the people who visit the forest celebrate the way they do.


Rupert's Tales - The Wheel of the Year: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc and Ostara

Come along with Rupert the rabbit as he again travels through the Wheel of the Year in his second book of adventures learning about tolerance, respect, and acceptance, and discovering how people celebrate seasonal holidays in the forest where he lives.

The tales (one for each season – Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara) sets the stage for our furry friend to understand the importance of the seasons and that remembering love and laughter is always wise. He learns about decorations, songs, symbols, and how important the sun and its warmth really are.

Join Rupert as he meets a new fairy friend and lots of girls and boys. Find out how someone very special steals Rupert’s heart! Perfect for teaching sacred Pagan practices and beliefs to young children being raised within varied traditions.  Ruppert’s Tales are stories for all children, everywhere!


Rupert's Tales - The Wheel of the Year: Activity Book


Coloring pages, puzzles, and games follow loveable Rupert the rabbit and all his friends as they learn about the 8 seasonal holidays of the Year.  Enjoy hours of imaginative fun with animals, fairies, and children who join Rupert in his lessons through 38 images from the Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year book sereies.  Solve puzzles and play games too!  Become a Friend of Rupert!  He's waiting for you!


Rupert's Tales: Rupert Helps Clean Up

Rupert the rabbit is curious, furry, brown, and helpful, and it seems his lessons never end! With the help of human, animal, and fairy friends, he learns about reducing, reusing, and recycling, and how each of us has an important part to play in taking care of the world around us.

A cloud of dragonflies, a singing frog, a lonely snail, a smart cat, and even a clever crow all have things to teach Rupert throughout his adventures in these four stories. Rupert's Tales are enhanced by 40 vivid pastel illustrations that create scenes sure to spark a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature. Lyrically enchanting, Rupert's adventures lovingly introduce children to the important task of fostering our natural environment. 


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